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The structure/design of this blog is still in development. The location of pages within this blog could change from day to day!

The original TreeTabs (TT) was abandoned for over a year, so I cloned it into TreeTabs2 (TT2).

After spending hundreds of hours on TT2, the original author of TT reappeared. He had already modified his local version of TT, so most of my TT2 changes are now moot.

The license for TT does not allow collaboration, so I can no longer develop TT2. Although I thought the original author was going to modify that license, I am tired of wating for that to happen.

I was planning on developing my own TreeTabsNew, but then life happened. =) I got a new day job and moved into a new-to-me house, all within the last year. Someday I'll get back to TreeTabsNew, but I don't know when.

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These are not necessarily in order of preference or popularity (or complexity!)

  1. Autosave
    1. Session (tabs, groups, etc)
    2. Settings
    3. Allow saving to Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
    4. Allow syncing across computers
    1. D&D to/from bookmark bar
  3. Colors
    1. Tabs
      1. Active
      2. Unloaded
      3. Selected
      4. mouseover
      5. search results
      6. etc.
    2. Folders
      1. Empty folders
      2. folder background & title
      3. Custom colors for the close buttons
    3. Automatic different color for each tree
    4. Color/formatting for unread tabs
    5. add “-webkit-gradient” support
  4. CSS, allow custom CSS
    1. i.e., allow users to add custom styling rules
  5. Documentation
  6. Folders
    1. Drag & Drop (D&D)
    2. Rename
  7. Fonts
    1. allow custom font for tab titles
  8. Groups
    1. Drag & Drop (D&D)
    2. Hibernate an entire group
    3. Rename
    4. Allow individual groups to be imported/exported
    5. Allow the vertical group bar to auto-hide
  9. Hotkeys, such as to switch between tab groups
  10. Import/Export
    1. Save/Restore settings (both prefs and colors)
    2. specify container for import group or session
    3. Include local links/files in Import/Export
      1. Firefox/Mozilla won't allow this for security reasons. I'll have to design a workaround where the restored page contains a link that you have to click on to retrieve the local file.
  11. Internationalization
    1. All text displayed within menus/options will support multiple languages
  12. Menu, context menu (aka, the right-click menu)
    1. Add settings to customize context menu
      1. Users should be able to turn off individual menu items
  13. Options/Settings/Features
    1. All options should be on a single, easy-to-use, intuitive, tabbed page
  14. Pinned tabs
    1. add option to disable unload for pinned tabs
  15. Regex moves
    1. auto-move tabs based on regex match to tab title and/or URL
    2. Add button/option/preference to make the regex move happen immediately
    3. Add preference to control where the regex move happens from (all tabs, only new, ungrouped only, only selected)
  16. Search
    1. Create a search function that only shows matching tabs
  17. Tab clicks
    1. Double-click options
      1. on tab itself
      2. on white space below tabs
    2. Middle-click options
    3. Click on active tab to switch to previously active tab
    4. Add “duplicate tab” as a double-click option
    5. Add triple-click settings
  18. Tab misc
    1. Audio icon
    2. Close Above (with confirmation prompt)
    3. Close Below (with confirmation prompt)
    4. Ctrl-Tab that recognizes groups and folders
    5. Undo Closed Tab that places the tab back in the tree where it was when closed
    6. purge duplicate tabs
    7. Sort tabs option
  19. Themes
    1. Allow custom themes
  20. Tree/branches
    1. Add graphics for tree “limbs”
    2. Auto-expand tree when selecting a closed parent
    3. Reload/Wake Tree/Branch option
  21. Updates
    1. Enable auto-update

The downloads section will be enabled when TreeTabsNew is released.

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