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-====== ​Tree Tabs 2 - browser extension for OperaFirefox, and Vivaldi ​====== +====== ​TreeTabsNew ​browser extension for Opera and Firefox ======
-<​note>​Tabs in the sidebar!</​note>​ +
-{{ :​blog:​treetabs:​demo-groups2.png?​400 |}}+
-===== Version 2.1.1 for Opera is ready for testing! ===== +<​html>​ <h2 style="​color:#​fff200">​If you came here looking for TreeTabs2...</​h2></​html>​
-Version 2.1.1 for Opera appears stable:+
-  - no more memory errors on the Extensions screen +The original TreeTabs ​(TTwas abandoned ​for over a yearso cloned ​it into TreeTabs2 ​(TT2).
-  - saving and restoring both sessions and groups works, but not perfectly +
-    - containers ​(that is, which tabs are in which folders or groupsget restored correctly, as does the tree structure, but the tab order doesn'​t always restore correctly +
-  - sessions (i.e., your group contents, folder contents, and tree structure) no longer get lost after browser restarts +
-  - the Active tab color works again +
-  - the technical back-end ​for auto-updates is installed, I just need to "​turn ​it on" for the next release +
-  - a new theme has been added to the Themes folder below +
-  - a French language file was recently added (Russian was added a while ago) +
-  - NOTE: this version defaults to having Debug mode enabled. If something breaks in TT2, go to the Settings page, click the **Export log file** button at the bottom, and send me the log +
-    - When Debug mode is enabled, this version adds the "tab ID" and the "​parent ID" to the title of each tab. Those are just internal numbers that identify the tree structure. If you don't like seeing them on your tabs, just disable Debug mode at the bottom of the settings page, and restart Opera.+
-Now that #1 (above) is fixed, I can move on to fixing 2.1.1 for Firefox and Vivaldi.+After spending hundreds of hours on TT2, the original author of TT reappearedHe had already modified his local version of TT, so most of my TT2 changes are now moot.
-==== How to Upgrade TreeTabs2 ==== +The license for TT does not allow collaboration,​ so I can no longer develop ​TT2. Although I thought ​the original author was going to modify that license, I am tired of wating for that to happen.
-  - Export a session from your current ​TT2 +
-  - Open the Extensions page in Opera +
-  - D&D the 2.1.1 .crx file onto the Extensions page +
-  - You may need to click a Yes or Install button ​to finish the installation +
-  - If TT2 remembered your folders, groups and tree structure, then you're done+
-If your groups are mucked upthen import the session that you saved from Step 1 +Since the author of TT is too unresponsive for my tastesI will be developing my own TreeTabsNew. ​
-  - You should now have 2 Opera windows open +
-  - Close the original window (the messed up one) +
-  - You're done+
 ===== How to get notified about changes to this page ===== ===== How to get notified about changes to this page =====
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   - Click [[https://​​doku.php?​id=blog:​treetabs2&​do=subscribe|this link]] to subscribe to this page   - Click [[https://​​doku.php?​id=blog:​treetabs2&​do=subscribe|this link]] to subscribe to this page
-===== Background ===== 
-The Tree Tabs (TT) extension appears to be abandoned by its original author, Karol Jagiello (a.k.a., kroppy). His last online comment related to TT was May 3, 2019 in the Firefox forums. His last code update was Jan 2, 2019. +===== Features ​to Include ​in TreeTabsNew ​=====
- +
-I have requested access to his source code on [[https://​​kroppy/​TreeTabsNightly|]],​ but have not received a response. I have also sent an email to him directly. +
- +
-So, after doing my due diligence to contact the author, I have forked the project into TreeTabs2.  +
- +
-===== Reminder: TreeTabs2 is still in development! ===== +
-I am updating TreeTabs2 almost daily. Once I get a stable version that works in Opera, Firefox and Vivaldi, I will submit TT2 to the app stores.  +
- +
-During my testing, version 2.1.0 for Opera seems to restore the tree structure after browser restarts, but doesn'​t always restore the order of the branches.  +
- +
-++++Change Log| +
-===== Change Log ===== +
-==== Version 1.9.3 ==== +
-I created Version 1.9.3 by merging the following issues into the mainline 1.9.2 code: +
-  * [[https://​​kroppy/​TreeTabs/​issues/​218|#​218 Fix new tab append to child]] +
-  * [[https://​​kroppy/​TreeTabs/​issues/​222|#​222 Add close children feature]] +
-Which added these features +
-  * middle-click option to create new sibling or new child +
-  * double-click option to create new sibling or new child +
-  * right-click option to close children +
-==== Version 1.9.4 ==== +
-I added extensive logging to the code to help with debugging. +
-==== Version 2.0 ==== +
-I migrated the "​forked"​ version into my version.  +
-==== Version 2.0.1 ==== +
-I added auto-update support for Firefox. +
-++++ +
- +
-===== Known Issues (a.k.a., My To-Do List) ===== +
-  - This extension breaks Ctrl-Tab - the browser no longer recognizes the MRU order +
-  - Because of the previous issue, using Crtl-W to close the current tab activates a random tab, often in a completely different group +
-  - "After closing active tab, activate tab below if on the same level" doesn'​t work well with Gesturefy +
-  - Restore/​import group misses local file tabs +
-    - Firefox/​Mozilla won't allow this for security reasons. I'll have to design a workaround. (See the ToDo list below) +
-  - Drag & Drop (D&D) into folder stops working after a bunch of D&​D'​s +
-  - audio icon appears on all/most tabs, instead of just the one playing audio +
-  - pinned tab keeps jumping after merge FIX=reload TT +
-  - In FF (maybe others), imported groups load into containers, but container colour bars don't show in the top tabs until each tab is loaded +
-  - duplicate tab not loading as child when both orphan and new tab options are set +
-  - tab order lost/​changed when browser restarted +
-  - In FF, tab titles sometimes flip-flop between 2 groups +
-  - Right-click '​+'​ doesn’t expand folder OR scroll to active tab +
-  - load tab in folder by clicking top tab makes the tab disappear - then, when TT2 reloads, the tab has been moved out of the folder to bottom of the group  +
- +
-++++Issue Tracker on GitLab| +
-I am not actively using GitLab (yet).\\ +
-https://​​ThomasMcA/​TreeTabs/​issues +
-++++ +
- +
-===== Feature Requests (a.k.a., Your Wish List) =====+
 These are not necessarily in order of preference or popularity (or complexity!) These are not necessarily in order of preference or popularity (or complexity!)
   - Autosave   - Autosave
-    - Fix the autosave ​ +    - Session (tabs, groups, etc) 
-      make backups more often than just every 30 minutes +    Settings 
-      when TT2 starts with only 1 tab, prompt ​to reload auto-saved tabs+    Allow saving ​to Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. 
 +    ​Allow syncing across computers 
 +  - Bookmarks 
 +    - D&D to/from bookmark bar
   - Colors   - Colors
-    - Add color option for **empty** folders +    - Tabs 
-    - Add color option for folder background & title +      - Active 
-    - Custom colors for the close buttons +      - Unloaded 
-    - Allow custom CSS +      - Selected 
-      - i.e., allow users to add custom styling rules+      - mouseover 
 +      - search results 
 +      - etc. 
 +    - Folders 
 +      - Empty folders 
 +      - folder background & title 
 +      - Custom colors for the close buttons
     - Automatic different color for each tree     - Automatic different color for each tree
     - Color/​formatting for unread tabs     - Color/​formatting for unread tabs
     - add "​-webkit-gradient"​ support     - add "​-webkit-gradient"​ support
 +  - CSS, allow custom CSS
 +    - i.e., allow users to add custom styling rules
 +  - Documentation
 +  - Folders
 +    - Drag & Drop (D&D)
 +    - Rename
 +  - Fonts
 +    - allow custom font for tab titles
   - Groups   - Groups
-    - Add keybindings for switching between Tab-Groups+    - Drag & Drop (D&D) 
 +    ​Hibernate an entire group 
 +    - Rename 
 +    - Allow individual groups to be imported/​exported 
 +    - Allow the vertical group bar to auto-hide 
 +  - Hotkeys, such as to switch between tab groups
   - Import/​Export   - Import/​Export
     - Save/​Restore settings (both prefs and colors)     - Save/​Restore settings (both prefs and colors)
-    - specify container for import group or session ​(useful ​for old TT exports) ​+    - specify container for import group or session 
 +    - Include local links/files in Import/​Export 
 +      - Firefox/​Mozilla won't allow this for security reasons. I'll have to design a workaround where the restored page contains a link that you have to click on to retrieve the local file. 
 +  - Internationalization 
 +    - All text displayed within menus/​options will support multiple languages
   - Menu, context menu (aka, the right-click menu)   - Menu, context menu (aka, the right-click menu)
     - Add settings to customize context menu     - Add settings to customize context menu
       - Users should be able to turn off individual menu items       - Users should be able to turn off individual menu items
-  - Menu, Options/​Settings/​Features +  - Options/​Settings/​Features 
-    - Move all of the features that are hidden behind buttons so they are on one page +    - All options should be on a single, easy-to-useintuitive, tabbed page
-  - Misc +
-    ​Add TT2 to the app stores +
-    - Better documentation +
-    ​Add hotkeyssuch as to switch between tab groups +
-    - Allow the vertical group bar to auto-hide +
-    - Make the Theme section in Settings default to "​expanded"​ with a saved "​default"​ name +
-    - Sync across computers +
-    - Add confirmation prompt to Close Other +
-    - Fix Ctrl-Tab so it recognizes groups and folders +
-    - D&D to/from bookmark bar +
-    - Allow custom font for tab titles+
   - Pinned tabs   - Pinned tabs
     - add option to disable unload for pinned tabs     - add option to disable unload for pinned tabs
   - Regex moves   - Regex moves
-    - Add button/​option/​preference to make the "regex" ​move happen immediately +    ​- auto-move tabs based on regex match to tab title and/or URL 
-    - Add preference to control where the "regex" ​move happens from (all tabs, only new, ungrouped only, only selected)+    ​- Add button/​option/​preference to make the regex move happen immediately 
 +    - Add preference to control where the regex move happens from (all tabs, only new, ungrouped only, only selected)
   - Search   - Search
-    - Allow the search function ​to only display ​matching tabs (instead of highlighting them)+    - Create a search function ​that only shows matching tabs
   - Tab clicks   - Tab clicks
 +    - Double-click options
 +      - on tab itself
 +      - on white space below tabs
 +    - Middle-click options
     - Click on active tab to switch to previously active tab     - Click on active tab to switch to previously active tab
     - Add "​duplicate tab" as a double-click option     - Add "​duplicate tab" as a double-click option
     - Add triple-click settings     - Add triple-click settings
   - Tab misc   - Tab misc
-    - Add Close Above (with confirmation prompt) +    - Audio icon 
-    - Add Close Below (with confirmation prompt) +    - Close Above (with confirmation prompt) 
-    - have the "Undo Closed Tab" function place the tab back in the tree where it was when closed+    - Close Below (with confirmation prompt) 
 +    - Ctrl-Tab that recognizes groups and folders 
 +    - Undo Closed Tab that places ​the tab back in the tree where it was when closed
     - purge duplicate tabs     - purge duplicate tabs
     - Sort tabs option     - Sort tabs option
 +  - Themes
 +    - Allow custom themes
   - Tree/​branches   - Tree/​branches
     - Add graphics for tree "​limbs"​     - Add graphics for tree "​limbs"​
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-===== TreeTabs2 ​Downloads =====+===== TreeTabsNew ​Downloads =====
-<note important>​Although TreeTabs2 (TT2) is a fork of the original TreeTabs, it is still a "​new"​ extension/​add-in to your web browser. That means you will lose your existing TT settings ​when you switch to TT2.</​note>​+The downloads section ​will be enabled ​when TreeTabsNew is released.
-<note important>​Your tabs, groups, and folders can be saved by exporting them from your existing TreeTabs, and then importing into TT2.</note>+/*
-<note important>​To report bugs with TT2 (even old bugs that existed in the original TT), you can describe the issue in a comment at the bottom of this page.  +=== TreeTabsNew ​for Firefox ===
- +
-For intermittent bugs, or for bugs that I can't reproduce, I'll need a debug log. You can enable logging via checkboxes at the bottom of the TT2 settings page. The next time the bug happens, go back to the settings page right away and click the Export Log button that's below those checkboxes. That button will create a TreeTabs2-###​.log file in your Downloads folder. Zip that file, then sent it to me at <color #​22b14c>​tom</​color>​ <at> <color #​22b14c>​thomasmca</​color>​ <dot> <color #​22b14c>​com</​color>​.</​note>​ +
- +
- +
-=== TreeTabs2 ​for Firefox ===+
 {{filelist>:​blog:​treetabs:​firefox:​*.xpi}} {{filelist>:​blog:​treetabs:​firefox:​*.xpi}}
-=== TreeTabs2 ​for Opera ===+=== TreeTabsNew ​for Opera ===
 {{filelist>:​blog:​treetabs:​opera:​*}} {{filelist>:​blog:​treetabs:​opera:​*}}
Line 185: Line 133:
 {{filelist>:​blog:​treetabs:​themes:​*}} {{filelist>:​blog:​treetabs:​themes:​*}}
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